Welcome to the Alternate Lodgement Service

You have been redirected to the Alternate Lodgement Service. Our main eServices website is currently unavailable due to maintenance.

We advise you to wait until our main eServices website becomes available again. Note that any incomplete or unsaved Service Request data that you may have been entering through our main eServices website has been lost when our eServices website became unavailable.

Expected Outage

We expect eServices to be available by: To Be Announced.

No sign-in required

URGENT service requests that are time-critical of nature can be lodged through this Service that has been designed with minimum functionality and be accompanied by the appropriate and completed IP Right form, where applicable.

You should use the IP Right form that is specific to your lodgement request. Failure to do so may put your lodgement at risk. Please consult the User Guide when completing your lodgement.